“Our quality, a world heritage ”

Giorgio Serena

When you serve Ville d’Arfanta at an elegant dinner party you will be sure to surprise everyone with a wine from the Serena family estate, the best vineyards in the Prosecco Superiore Conegliano hills.

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Ville d’Arfanta


Ville D’Arfanta expresses the quality of a wine directly from the Serena family estate, a welcoming, elegant country seat.

It is the pride of a long family tradition that began in 1881.

It represents ties with a territory it respects and with Nature that creates a unique, outstanding wine.

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Our Wine

This elegant line is the best choice for important events and dinners with its various types of Prosecco.
The taste of the agricultural tradition combined with the most current technological solutions is savoured thanks to the passion of the master winemakers introduced into the work and handed down from generations, to guarantee the high quality of the wines of the Collection Ville d’Arfanta.

The pride of a long family tradition


The Ville d’Arfanta estate, with its two farmhouses and approximately four hectares of vineyards, was acquired in the late nineties by the Serena family in love with this magical and precious place.

From these vineyards, cultivated with great experience, the result of the long family tradition in the wine sector, with dedication and love, originates the best version of the Serena Prosecco.

The new Ville d’Arfanta collection is dedicated to Giorgio Serena. His passion, his bond with the territory and the tradition handed down for generations, have provided the lifeblood to create a quality wine.

Every detail of the product is conceived to transmit all the attention and care dedicated to this collection by the Serena family.

Our Tradition

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Ville d’Arfanta becomes the stage for unique tastings in the heart of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene hills.
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