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Ville d'Arfanta

Authentic, distinctive and elegant character  for this line of exclusive products that is rooted in the territory and tradition.
Ville d'arfanta comes from a land that has always been suited for the production of wine. The sun exposure of the Conegliano hills and the protection from cold winds coming from the windy North, favored the cultivation of vines, producing great examples of wine like the Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG and Prosecco DOC. The tradition of Ville d'Arfanta was lost over the centuries, as well as the origin of its name that goes back to "Hierophants", ancient priests who were keeping the mysteries of the world. The winemakers today still work with the same passion of their ancestors, taking care of every drop of the precious liquid with artisan ability. This is supported by the current technological knowledge, which is called out in the appropriate time, to confirm with every sip all the qualities that a refined palate demands. High quality guaranteed, the Ville d'arfanta wines are the signature of the Serena family that, for five generations, has been producing excellent wines in respect of its tradition. This elegant line with its various types of Prosecco and a full-bodied red wine is ideal for events and important dinners.


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